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Here you can find a series of questions asked by the website users. Please feel free to add any other questions you may have, in the right section. You don't need to be logged in to ask a question.

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The Schools Map
The Schools Map
3/29/11 5:13 AM
I am Chemistry teacher of Unison World School, Dehradun (India). We are very excited to perform these Water experiments just waiting for the word "GO"( students are coming back on 1st April from the excursion). The experiments will be conducted at Junior and Senior levels.
We wish to contribute our results for this noble cause. I have registered by school for the Global water experiments but cannot find it on the schools map wherein the Countries of the participating schools are pointed.
Please clarify if my school is a part of Global Water Experiment? I wish to contribute the results of our findings with the same zeal and enthusiasm
Ritu Beri
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RE: The Schools Map
3/30/11 7:13 PM as a reply to ritu beri.
I am a teacher from the University of Milano, Faculty of Agriculture. We also registered for the Global experiment but I cannot find our institution on the Schools map. Should it be automatically be uploaded by the system or do we have to follow some procedure to do this?
Thanks to the IYC Organisation for this exciting experience!
Angela Bassoli
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RE: The Schools Map
4/11/11 10:45 AM as a reply to Angela Bassoli.
Dear Ritu Beri and Angela Bassoli,

Thanks a lot for participating in the Global Experiments!
The schools map is updated by us, by hand, and it can take a few days for your schools to be online, but they will be there soon.
Thanks for your understanding.

How did the experiment go? How did your pupils like it?

Kind regards,

Mathilde Bargoin
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RE: The Schools Map
4/15/11 9:10 AM as a reply to Mathilde Bargoin.
Hi again,

Your schools are now on the Map.

Thanks a lot,

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RE: The Schools Map
global experiment
3/31/12 8:08 AM as a reply to Mathilde Bargoin.
We participate in the global experiment and we are students of the 5o Junior High School [ Volos ,Greece ] .We would appreciated if you could reply to our question.

First of all we deal with a problem with the school map as well. Therefore , we would like to ask you question. How could we submit our school in the school map.

Yours sincerely,
Students of he 5o Junior High School [ Volos ,Greece ]
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