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Here you can find a series of questions asked by the website users. Please feel free to add any other questions you may have, in the right section. You don't need to be logged in to ask a question.

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Couple of questions
Couple of questions
3/25/11 10:25 AM

I'm writing the instructions of how to use this website for Finnish teachers and I have couple of questions:

1) I can't find a way to submit a school registration number mentioned in the Activities. Is this a feature coming soon or has it been removed?

2) How one can add his school on the map or is it impossible untile the June update? There's only two places on the map even though many schools seem to have taken part in the experiments.

The experiment seems interesting! We are now wating here for our natural waters to unfroze after the winter.

-Simo Tolvanen
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RE: Couple of questions
4/11/11 10:43 AM as a reply to Simo Tolvanen.
Dear Simo Tolvanen,

Thanks a lot for participating in the Global Experiments, and for sharing the information with other Finnish teachers!

About the schools map, it is updated directly by us. but we do it by hand so it might take a few days for every school to be on there.

And when you submit your results, you should only submit the school name, but you shouldn't need a number.

Please contact me again if it is unclear, and enjoy the experiment with your pupils!

Kind regards,

Mathilde Bargoin
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RE: Couple of questions
5/5/11 8:07 AM as a reply to Mathilde Bargoin.

It seems, that it will take quite a long time for a school to show on the map!
I have registered my school already in March and still it does not schow!

The school is out in Finland June 4th. Please update the map!
If you do not find registration for Karkkila lukio, Finland, please, contact: paivi.koskinen@karkkila.fi

Päivi Koskinen
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RE: Couple of questions
5/9/11 10:42 AM as a reply to Paivi Koskinen.
Dear Päivi Koskinen,

Thanks for your post. I am very surprised because I update the schools map almost every day!
Have you submitted your results?
Your school doesn't appear when you register but only when you submit your results.
The only Finnish school being in the results table is 'Turun Suomalaisen Yhteiskoulun lukio', and does appear on the map. But I don't think it is yours, is it?

Please submit your results again (submit data in the left hand-side menu), and your school will appear soon after that emoticon

Thank you!

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