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Here you can find a series of questions asked by the website users. Please feel free to add any other questions you may have, in the right section. You don't need to be logged in to ask a question.

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Welcome to the Experiment 1 forum
Have you carried out the experiment on obtaining the pH of water with your students? Share your experience with other teachers here! You can also use this forum to ask for help in carrying out the pH experiment.
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RE: Welcome to the Experiment 1 forum
4/1/11 2:06 AM as a reply to Agueda Gras.
Have started to have students bring in samples from surrounding countryside. (Bendigo Australia.
First 2 samples are from a Farm Dam and a rain water tank supplying potable water to the family. Collected after regional flooding largest in a century.
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RE: Welcome to the Experiment 1 forum
4/1/11 3:08 PM as a reply to Agueda Gras.
Experiment 1 is ready.... it was carried out with Form 3 and Form 4 students aged 13 - 15 and they enjoyed it very much. They collected water samples from all over Gozo (which is an island in the archipelago of Malta). Now we are in the phase of trying to interpret the results and why some water samples are more acidic / alkaline than others. For example here in Malta our soil is somewhat alkaline.... and I think it does make a difference on some water samples.
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RE: Welcome to the Experiment 1 forum
5/19/11 12:00 PM as a reply to Joseph Buttigieg.
My students have carried out the experiment on three local water bodies. They found collecting the water samples to be quite an adventure! We found that the water temperatures varied quite a bit from 9.6 to 17. We discussed why the temperatures might vary so much, including the depth of the water, the sources of the water (springs, rainfall, etc). Since we were in the middle of a unit on acids and bases we also discussed the indicators used and what other indicators might be useful in an experiment like this. Overall is was a good experience. I plan to have students sample the local waters again in the fall when we return to school!
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