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participate-pictureThe Global Experiment is generating a lot of interest among a wide variety of organizations in the area of science and education. Collaboration and support is vital for the success of the Global Experiment through dissemination and implementation:

Association, Museums and Institutions in the area of science and education are invited to collaborate by disseminating the Global Water Experiment within their Networks both at national and international level. Their collaboration will be acknowledged.

• National adhering organizations affiliated with IUPAC or UNESCO are invited to join in the process of distributing information and resources associated with the Global Experiment. Their collaboration will be acknowledged on the Global Maps and they will be able to draw on the results of the experiment for their own use.
• Active partnerships with national and transnational organizations, both chemical and educational, are invited to collaborate in the dissemination of the Global Water Experiment. Organizations such as the European Chemical Industry Council, CEFIC, and the American Chemistry Council are providing direct support. The European Schoolnet is providing support and expertise in both development and implementation through its European members and international associates.
• Partnerships with organizations specifically focused on water issues (e.g., the organizers of World Water Monitoring Day, the Water Environment Federation, and the International Water Association) are already collaborating in the dissemination of this project.

Dissemination of the experiment to countries that do not have affiliated organizations will be carried out through invitations to national education authorities and by direct communication via the Internet.

The resources for the experiment will be placed on the Global Experiment website along with a link for teachers to register their school or class.

List of Collaborators:

Would your institution / organization like to collaborate with the dissemination of The Global Water Experiment? Drop us a note at: GlobalXperiment [at] eun.org

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