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Water; a chemical solution, in the fair Chemistry Slovakia 2011

The booth of Slovak Chemical Society in the fair Chemistry Slovakia 2011 (one of the IYC 2011 related activities in Slovakia, officially recognised by IUPAC too) held on April 12th – 14th in Bratislava was equipped also for a running the global IYC 2011 experiment.

Pupils of several schools have used this opportunity and subsequently have sent their results to the interactive global map of “Water; a chemical solution”.

Prof. J. I. Jin – Past president of IUPAC, conducted encouraging discussions with the staff and pupils around the “laboratory” of the global IYC 2011 experiment during the 1st day of the fair.

Thanks to the earlier complete translation and distribution of the leaflets and instructions, the involvement of Slovak teachers and pupils in the global experiment continues in the facilities of schools and the increased number of results from Slovakia is appearing in the interactive global map.

Lukáš Krivosudský, Slovak national contact point & coordinator of the Global experiment Milan Drabik, President of the Association of Slovak Chemical & Pharmaceutical Societies & A. M. of the division II of IUPAC.


Prof. J. I. Jin with head-teacher and students from Levice (top), laboratory of the global IYC
2011 experiment in the fair Chemistry Slovakia 2011 (bottom)

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