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This bolg is for you to share your experiences. Please tell us everything about what you think of the International Year of Chemistry, and how your experiments went.
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Our Stories: Shajara School / UNRWA - Lebanon

Wissam Abdallah        Chemistry Teacher   Shajara School


It was really a great experience for me and my students. The global water experiment made  my students like chemistry and enjoy experimental work. They asked me for more.

I’ll introduce the four water experiments in our chemistry curriculum and we’ll (my students and I) carry the Global water experiments year after year.


Here are some stories of my Students with the Global Water Experiments


Mostafa Ataya   Grade 7B                Shajara School

When I began the experiment-Solar Still Challenge- I felt myself a scientist in chemistry. I was really excited while doing it. The weather was sunny and I put my experiment apparatus on a high place. The aim of the experiment was desalinatin of sea water-to remove salt from sea water.   During the experiment, water evaporated and changed into water vapor. When the water vapor touched the cling film, it changed back into water and collected in the cup.
We gave the desalinated water to our chemistry teacher who added to it, Chlorine, with a limited amount, not to cause cancer for people later.
Chlorine is added to kill bacteria and make water safe for drinking.

Mahdi Sweid   Grade 7B                Shajara School

The aim of the experiment was to desalinate sea water. When our chemistry teacher discussed the experiment, I get worried and that the experiment is difficult. But When I carried out the experiment, I was  very happy and wished to repeat it many times. I told my teacher, that I wish to carry out other chemistry experiments.

Ibrahim Sharif,   Abd Karim Issa,     Mustafa Zaidani,   Yaacoub Shaker
Grade 7A                Shajara School

On Wednesday 2-12-2011 , We performed a chemical experiment “ Water Purification”. It consists of many steps. We deeply hoped that the teacher repeat it again. We were pleased to hear that there was a chemical experiment and our teacher Wissam Abdallah will ask us to perform it as home activity. When we finished, we presented our experiment happily and we were proud because we carried it successfully. This is due to Teacher Wissam Abdallah Efforts.

Jihad Khalil,       Saleh Al Nour    Grade 7A                Shajara School

On Sunday 4/12/2011, we performed a chemical experiment “ Water Treatment”. First we cut the plastic bottle and filled it with sand and stones to construct a filter. Then we washed it with clean water.  After that we pour river water into the filter to treat it. When we finished, we noticed that river water seemed to be clean. We were pleased and hoped to perform



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