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This bolg is for you to share your experiences. Please tell us everything about what you think of the International Year of Chemistry, and how your experiments went.
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It was a wonderful experience getting these activities done by students. Students enjoyed testing their scientific skills while working in groups. As a teacher it gave an immense satisfaction to see the team spirit in students. I never thought it would be such great fun experimenting . The most beautiful thing in this activity was that it could be done using very simple equipments. It was not a costly affair. We the teachers(Anita Lakra, Rubina Sarkar, Chandra Pareek and Jyoti Sehgal] of O. P. Jindal School, Raigarh liked this idea of Global Experimentation. Students came out with different learning outcomes, shared their experience and knowledge with other students . students are interested to further do other projects linked to this experiment.As a teacher this project gave us the guideline to make the subject more interesting .students have shown their active participation to appear in global face , the platform which is given by iyc2011.We appreciate the project .

Written by the associated teachers of O.P Jindal School]

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O.P.Jindal School has successfully compleled the global water experiment . Students of the school enjoyed the experiment and are interested in doing further this type of experiment . which creates enthusiasm and gives knowledge.

Posted on 2/20/12 12:04 PM.

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