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This bolg is for you to share your experiences. Please tell us everything about what you think of the International Year of Chemistry, and how your experiments went.
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Interview of a Science teacher in Slovakia

2011 is the UN Year of Chemistry.
So far, almost 200 classes have conducted the Global Experiment and submitted their results to the website.

Erika Dudasova, Science Teacher at the Gymnazium Pavla Horova in Slovakia, has participated in the UN Year of Chemistry 2011 and would like to share her experience with us.

Hello Erika,

Why have you decided to take a part in the IYC?
I liked the idea of examining various water sources from all around the world, as well as sharing and comparing the results via internet. I think that it can be very useful not only for scientists but also for students. They can be involved in something interesting and international as well.

How did you hear from it?
I received an e-mail from Commenius University in Bratislava Slovakia, where the Global chemistry experiment was presented.

Which Experiments have conducted in class? From which Water source did you take your samples?
We´ve already conducted three experiments:

  • pH of the Planet,
  • No Dirt No Germs, and
  • Solar Still Challenge.

We took samples from our local dam river and from some local tap.


How did your pupils react?
The majority of my students felt more and more involved.
They really appreciated the practical dimension of the project. They liked the work at laboratory with all the stuff. They were interested in making these experiments, as they haven´t done anything like this before. After each experiment, they wanted to compare their results with those from other countries.

Was the Global dimension of the Experiment a special motivation for them? and for you?
As I´ve mentioned above, they were curious about the results from other regions. A project like this one can make the teaching of chemistry more attractive for students and of course for teacher too.

Is there any advice, any comment you would like to make to help the teachers who haven't conducted the Experiment yet?
If you ´re going to do experiment N4-Solar still challenge, check the weather forecast first!
You need sun shining with high intensity to let the reaction pass.

And what if you had to resume your experience in a few words?
I am looking forward to next global project during IYC 2011!

Thank you very much Erika, for being so active in the Year of Chemistry and for all the time you dedicated to share your experience. I would like to thank as well all of your students!

I wish you all a Good Year of Chemistry!



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