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This bolg is for you to share your experiences. Please tell us everything about what you think of the International Year of Chemistry, and how your experiments went.
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Gymnasium L.Pika, Plzeň, Czech Republic


We are very glad that we could participate on this Global Experiment. I am a teacher of chemistry and for me and my students ( 17 years old - 7th class of eight year´s study plan)) it was very interesting. We conducted three experiments: pH of the Planet, No Dirt, No Germs, Solar still Challenge ( there is no see in Czech Republic). It was great to see, how our results were entered to the global maps. Students were very interested in comparing their results with the other´s via internet - maps. They liked to be involved in international student´s work. They took samples from the local river Berounka and near lake Bolevák. They compared pH value with pH of tap, destil and fish tank watter. It was really iformative for them. They determinated: pH of the river - 7,4, of the pond 7,5, tap - 7.5, destil - 7, fish tank - 7,2. The bromthymol blue and fenol purple ( we had no m-cresol purple) were new indicators for my students, they have not worked with them yet. They have learned to determinate pH value to decimals by using colour scale.

 Best regards  Jitka Voráčová, Gymnasium L. Pika, Plzeň, Czech Republic

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