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This bolg is for you to share your experiences. Please tell us everything about what you think of the International Year of Chemistry, and how your experiments went.
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Bullis Participates in the IYC - Salty Waters Lab - A Block Class


  • We are from the Bullis School located in Potomac, MD. In our A- block class of 14 students we did an IYC lab of how to separate salt from ocean water. Throughout our trials we were successful because we obtained the salt by itself, and we were able to see the cube-shaped crystals in the light at the end of the lab. We calculated 2.53 percent salinity compared to the four classes, which was 25.80% salinity. This value reflects good data since the percent deviation was quite small. Our class average was lower compared to the world average which was 3.5%. The reason for this was because of the excessive rain and freshwater adding with the salty water from the Chesapeake Bay

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